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All matters Assistive Technology.

We're redefining societal perceptions and shaping a more inclusive future for visually impaired people. Our groundbreaking technology is a game-changer, empowering those with visual impairments to participate actively in society.

As a leader, I am proud to guide a diverse and talented team committed to delivering transformative solutions that improve lives. Our mission goes beyond developing technology; it's about ensuring everyone has a fair chance at living a fulfilling life, regardless of their physical challenges.

With every step we take at Hope Tech, we believe in creating a world where visual impairment does not limit potential but fuels innovation, inclusivity, and growth. Connect with me to learn about our vision, our journey, and how we're changing the world, one innovative solution at a time.

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At #ZeroCon24, I am looking for...

ConsultingFinancing/InvestmentIncrease expertise in accessibility and inclusionNetworkingProject CooperationsResearch Cooperations

At #ZeroCon24, I am offering...

Increase expertise in accessibility and inclusionNetworkingProject CooperationsResearch CooperationsConsulting

Speaker sessions (2)

Thursday, 22 February 2024

11:20 - 11:40

Expanding to Austria – Learn first-hand from innovative businesses in Vienna

Format:Live stream
Location: Fireside Chat - First floor
  • English captions | International Sign

13:20 - 14:20

A Model for Transforming Investment in Disability Inclusion

Format:Live stream
Location: M1
  • English captions | International Sign

How can disability inclusive economies and industries be supported? This Session will provide answers, highlight approaches, and launch a new initiative in the disability inclusion investment world.


Hope Tech

United Kingdom