Doris Rothauer

Kulturmanagerin und Strategieberaterin

Bureau for Transfer

Wien, Wien, Austria

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Doris Rothauer is a consultant, coach, expert and author connecting the creative and social worlds and supporting and promoting impact through creativity. She believes in the change making power of art, design and creativity and aims at designing and fostering cultural impact with her work.

Doris holds a PhD in Economics, a Masters Degree in art management and a professional training certificate as a systemic coach and consultant. She is also an Alumni of the Ashoka Visionary Program.

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At #ZeroCon24, I am looking for...

Increase expertise in accessibility and inclusionLicensing PartnershipsNetworking

At #ZeroCon24, I am offering...

Increase expertise in accessibility and inclusionNetworkingConsulting

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Wednesday, 21 February 2024

16:20 - 16:40

What Museums can offer in regard to Accessibility and Inclusion

Format:Live stream
Location: Fireside Chat - First floor
  • English captions | International Sign