Helene Jarmer

president (NAD Austria), CEO Servicecenter ÖGS.barrierefrei

OeGLB - Austrian Federation of the Deaf, ServiceCenter ÖGS.barrierefrei


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• Educator with a focus on multilingualism and minority culture. Expert for inclusion, diversity and the training and further education of people with disabilities. Lecturer and lecturer in the tertiary education sector. Long-time translator and interpreter, currently studying at the University of Salzburg.

• Continuous political work in the spirit of equality and equality: President of the Austrian Association of the Deaf since 2001 (www.oeglb.at). 2015 Founding and chairmanship of the ÖGS.barrierfrei service center (www.oegsbarrierefrei.at) , participation in the World Association of Deaf People, the European Union of Deaf People, the Austrian Council for the Disabled and the Litigation Association. 2009 to 2017 Spokesperson for disabled people for the Greens in the National Council. Member of the board of the Green Education Workshop until 2018.

• Short course in theater studies, developed plays, organized art festivals and took part in small roles in films and music productions.

• Privately in a relationship and mother of a CODA daughter. Loves art, travel and languages. Can do almost everything – except hear!

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OeGLB - Austrian Federation of the Deaf, ServiceCenter ÖGS.barrierefrei


We are the Austrian Federation of the Deaf, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of the deaf community in Austria. Our ServiceCenter ÖGS.barrierefrei strives to ensure equal access and empower individuals who use Austrian Sign Language. Through our advocacy efforts, educational programs, and support services, we aim to break down barriers and promote inclusivity for the deaf population. Join us as we work towards a more inclusive and accessible society for all.

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Dipl.Päd. Mag.a., former member of the National Council Austria



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At #ZeroCon24, I am looking for...

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At #ZeroCon24, I am offering...

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Speaker sessions (2)

Friday, 23 February 2024

12:20 - 14:40

The Zero Project – Austria Inclusive Education Forum

Location: M3
  • Formal education
  • Non-formal education
  • In German Language
  • German captions | ÖGS
  • with English translation
  • Graphic facilitation

The Zero Project – Austria Inclusive Education Forum is dedicated towards the Austrian interest groups in education and ICT, focusing on innovations in inclusive schooling, university education, ICT and employment in the IT-industry.

13:40 - 14:40

Free resources to increase web accessibility

Format:Live stream
Location: M1
  • Assistive technologies
  • English captions | International Sign

In this Session, explore free tools supporting web accessibility, like a support feature for colorblindness and open-source solutions for cross-disability computer access.