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Sightsavers India


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I, strongly believe that good health and education are the two basic pillars of empowerment, leading to improved quality of life and sustained development. I have been working in development sector for last three decades. Working for Inclusive Education, Social Inclusion and Eye Health as Area Director for North States in Sightsavers for more than a decade, I have been able to positively influence the Inclusive education environment, inclusion and empowerment of Persons with Disability and elimination of avoidable blindness.

My efforts also saw the voices of PWDs from rural very remote areas reach the international platforms. Piloting an inclusive Eye Health programme, training of visually impaired girls on self defence, supporting inclusive elections and developing the women with disabilities in leadership role is something I am very passionate about and would like to see this scale up.

I am a postgraduate in education and have served in the Education sector for 3 decades of which 10 years focus has been to promote Inclusive Education in India. In my current position as Technical Director, heading the National Inclusive Education Programme of Sightsavers India.

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Thursday, 22 February 2024

14:10 - 15:10

Educational resources for visually impaired students

Live stream
Location: M2
Focus: Visual impairment or Blind
English captions | International Sign

In this Session, participants delve into ICT for the visually impaired: from accessible devices in low-income areas to rapid Braille conversion of textbooks.

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