Wednesday, 21 February 2024 | 14:00 - 15:20

Inclusive practices in universities and higher education institutions

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Location: M1
  • Higher education
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Experience different strategies to enhance university inclusion in this Session, such as integrated disability education for medical students, collections of good practices for African universities, and Deaf leadership. Tune in to explore innovative solutions that have been developed at universities in Austria, Hungary, Kenya, the Netherlands, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the United States of America.

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8 speakers

  • Luc de Witte

    Professor of Techology for Healthcare

    The Hague University of Applied Sciences

  • Johannes Fellinger

    Head of the Institute for Neurology of Senses and Language

    Hospital St. John of God

  • Amy Hebert Knopf

    Director of Education and Research

    Center for International Disability Advocacy and Diplomacy at St. Cloud State University

  • Amanda Kraus

    Chief Accessibility Officer

    University of Arizona

  • Abdullah Almotiri

    Student Supervisor

    King Abdul-Aziz University

  • Yardena Gerwin

    University of Cambridge

  • Eannes Ongus

    Director, Advancement and Partnerships

    United States International University - Africa

  • Erika Bojarczuk

    Content Development and Documentation Specialist

    Light for the World